Staples for Your Closet

    I thought about so many of you as I decided to step out and write my first fashion blog. Many of you are just like me…busy, on-the-go beautiful women who at times can forget about “herself” due to solving others’ problems around you, being superwoman (wife, mother, daughter, friend, care-taker, Assistant, Project Managers, professionals, domestic engineers, business owners) etc.

So in light of this, I’d like to start off discussing what exactly needs to be in your closet on a consistent basis in order to always pull off that modern, polished look. The tips shared will help you on all occasions, whether its work, lunch with a guy friend, your BFF, or Girls Night Out. These are what the fashion world calls staple pieces. These are your go-to-quick garments/pieces that you can depend on to give you a put together look at all times.

Some of you already have some of the pieces mentioned in this blog and some of you don’t. What I want you to gain from reading this blog are the items that are considered today’s must haves and how to use them interchangeably right from your very own closet.

Alright! Let’s get into the top (10) pieces that should be in your closet to help you stay modern and yet true to you and your style.

1. White Shirt (long-sleeved) – This is a must! The White shirt gives you a myriad of possibilities to pull off.

Pair it with the following:

– A skirt or pencil skirt

– Jeans or Denim Pants/Jeans

– Slacks (Black or Navy for a business polished look)

– A skinny belt or a wide-width belt. Choose a peanut butter colored belt to wear with your jeans and

place  the belt around your waist to pull in your waist. For small frames wear a skinny belt and full

figured ladies, a wide-width belt.

2. Black Platform Heels – These are the heels that will be here for a while, ladies. They are much easier to

wear as opposed to the traditional pump because of the platform.

Pair it with the following:

– Jeans, Denim Pants/Jeans, Skinny Jeans, or Jeggings

– 2 Piece Pant Suit or Skirt Suit

3. Black Blazer – The other day while voting, a volunteer complimented me on my professional look. I wore a

simple white t-shirt, pencil skirt, silver hoops, silver big faced watch, and my black blazer/jacket. It was

the jacket ladies!!! The jacket sealed the deal on that look. 🙂

Pair it with the following:

– Jeans (boot cut, skinny or denim jeans) Ladies, Denim jeans are perfect for giving a great professional

look while handling business.

– Wear a white camisole, tank top or v-neck t-shirt underneath

– Skirts (long, pencil or mid-length)

– Be sure to push or fold-up those sleeves on the jacket

4. Cardigan (Preferably Black) – I never knew how much I would depend on my cardigan. They are great to

wear at work, running errands, lunch dates and evenings out with the friends.

Pair with it the following:

– Wear it over a white camisole, tank top or v-neck t-shirt, jeans and use a skinny or wide-width belt. You

can either wear the cardigan open with the belt or button only the buttons in your mid-section and

leave the last two or three buttons open.

– Wear it over a sheath dress or maxi dress along with a skinny belt or wide-width belt

– A ruffled top, belt and skirt (Classy Look!)

5. Belts – Need I say more!!!

Pair it with the following:

-Tops or Shirts that float over your body, wear the belt to cinch it all in to create an hourglass figure.

– If you are uncomfortable with wearing the belt alone with your top, layer your look with a blazer. This

way, only the front area of the belt is seen underneath your blazer.

– Suggested colors: Basic black, brown and peanut butter.

6. Sheath Dress – Sheath dresses are classic dresses that can be worn to work, business meetings or after


Pair it with the following:

– Pumps, mules (backless shoe) or a kitten heels (heels less than 2-3inches)

– A skinny belt or wide-with belt for work

– For work carry a hand bag. Use a clutch purse or chained purse for after 5PM events.

7. A Navy or Black Pants Suit – This is the suit that you can break-up and wear with other pieces in your

closet or wear it together for the real corporate look.

– Pair the jacket with a camisole, a pair of chic flats or wedge heels and your choice of jeans

– Pair the entire suit with a white shirt, silver hoops and RED Lipstick. I know bold, but the red lipstick will

pop with your suit.

– Black platform heels

8. Big Faced Watch – I noticed this trend a few years ago and I can admit that I’m addicted to wearing my

BFW’s. This is a watch that you will get compliments on from both men and women and it is a great

conversation piece. It looks great for today’s trendy woman in jeans and/or suits.

9. Nautical Tank or Top – This is my go to top when I absolutely do not want to spend time ironing.

Pair it with:

– Blazer, jeans/denim jeans and pumps

– Color Block it with a Green Jacket or red Jacket

– Red chic flats with a black blazer and jeans. The red makes it pop!

10. LBD – Little Black Dress – We all have those occasions when we are suddenly invited to events that will

call on a LBD. Little Black Dresses are timeless and you will be glad you invested in one.

Pair it with the following:

– Cuff bracelet, diamond studs and black or nude pump and a clutch purse for that evening event.

– If you are in your twenty’s, ladies pair it with a white shirt, belt, tights and open-toe shoes.

Bonus!!!! – Nothing works better than wearing the beautiful smile that God has given you when rocking your outfits. Remember its your attitude that actually makes you look great in your staple pieces. Wear your smile as an accessory and step out in boldness as you wear your staple pieces interchangeably from your very own closet.


Janelle Watkins, Fashion Stylist


If you enjoyed reading this blog, please comment or inbox me your thoughts and/or questions. I’d be delighted to hear from you.


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